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I was about to post a discussion I've been working on for a week to do with local food sourcing, but this item has superseded that piece.

Yes it will change our world, and this particular item is quite close to my heart in many ways.

RE>C = Renewable Energy cheaper than Coal

Google has announced an initiative to make solar power cheaper than coal and has invested in a company called Nanosolar. This fits into a pattern that has been developing now for a few years with Google's initial investment in covering their Bay Area Mountain View headquarters with solar panels. It also makes sense from the standpoint of a lecture by Sergey Brin and Larry Page Google's owners in a Ted Talk from February 2004 (at about 2:40) that mentions Google's expansion in to Africa.

If one considers Google's goal to organize the world's information, then considers what parts of the world do not have infrastructure for the internet or the power to support the expansion of Google into these areas, making Google offices and consequently more connections to the internet independently powered and green energy producing would be a precursor to their grand goal. Essentially the result is three fold, Google is able to expand global offices into undeveloped nations and become a guiding force in many societies where the economy is not yet service/knowledge/information based while providing an alternative to coal based electrical production and securing a second monetized service that again changes the world and makes a ton of cash.

Read the press release here.

And of course no good announcement from Google comes without new job openings.

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