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A little while back, I was part of a round table discussion with other music industry people and enviro folks regarding sustainability in the music industry. There was a lot said. Obviously too much for me to be included in the podcast. I got the cut in the final version. Oh well. Maybe next time. This is a bit of landmark though, episode #111 "Turning Green" of the CBC Radio 3 podcast features music by Organik. Organik is the band that my company Organik Productions Inc. (the band and I) backs for their musical and production endeavors. So for your own interest, and for that of the planet, tune-in. The podcast is available in the podcast section of the CBC Radio 3 website and of course in the iTunes Music Store where so many of our friends are going to activate their iPhones.
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CBC Radio 3 - CBC Radio 3 Podcast - CBC Radio 3 Podcast

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