Plastic is now a fuel


When you consider how many people are thinking of ways of creating ethanol from having new crops of corn planted and intensely farmed (corn is the crop that requires the most water and pesticides to maintain), this method of extracting oil from plastic and rubber by using mcirowave frequencies with a new machine called a Hawk-10 by Global Resource Corporation (GRC) seems like a much better solution (see video). First of all its making fuel from waste, we could go to the North Pacific Gyre and mine it for every last water bottle of plastic and make a ton of money selling it back to global market.

Seen below, an image from the blog The Coffee House: Debating Today's Environment for Tomorrow's Future of the pacific Gyre. Read more about the Gyre here, here, and here

Secondly, with this new method you could take every tire dump in the world and possibly every land fill and also have a field day collecting inputs for a now renewable fuel source. Yes you can, its just dirty. Kinda like Fort McMurray Oil sands dirty without using a half a barrel of oil to fuel the digging machine, two to five barrels of fresh water and 250 cubic feet of natural gas (enough to heat Canadian home for almost 1.5 days) in extracting a single barrel of oil.

But wait, this is waste already not a new resource, so we'd be getting rid of our waste as opposed to creating more.

So... why aren't we doing this on a large scale yet?

I challenge any wealthy and powerful industrialist to look the other way from the opportunity of mining the worlds oceans and landfills as a source for fuel. Its a never ending resource. Humans are always going to make garbage.

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