That's me posing a question of Rob Calder of Boompa Records

Hold the phone! The whole Musicology blue sky discussion is available from CBC Radio 3 right here! Everyone should know that Paolo Pietropaolo is possibly the best producer in Canada possibly North America, possibly the world. Consequently, he's won a Peabody Awardfor his piece "The Wire: the impact of Electricity on Music".

So if you follow my blog fairly regularly, as regularly as I post, you'll know there is a bit of an environmental bent to it. Although really, its more of an inquisitive pursuit for business opportunities that are green rather than a stance of environmental superiority. Here's the thing, I speak on this recording. And its about energy systems, and this affects everyone. So give it a listen. And if you really like what I have to say, or you really disagree, or you want to let Paolo know that he should have me in again for an interview, please leave a comment below.

Oh yeah and if you want to see pictures of the bus we are taking across Canada (with my company Organik Productions) check out this link.

Oh yeah. Almost forgot.

Shannon and Rob. Give me a call. Would love to band together on getting a vehicle for Indie Canadian artists to tour sustainably.

Google us.

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