Thank you Rae and Medea


After the Google Developer Day 2007 had passed and I went to visit Medea Benjamin of CODEPINK : Women for Peace. I met Medea at the Social Change Institute on Cortes Island last weekend. I'd heard of some of the actions here organization had been taking but not the name of her organization. Being a big supporter of ending the occupation and aggretion against Iraq by the Bush administration, I offered to help out any way I could. So going down for the conference gave me the opportunity to drop in and meet Rea and Medea and help a bit with their website backend. Here is a picture of myself and the very tall Medea Benjamin in CODEPINK HQ.

It was fun. Learned a lot about the scale of the efforts in the US to stop the war and realized that residents of the US are banding together to change things in the face of aggression by their own government. The courage it takes to stand against an empire and the militarized society they have is something to be commended.

Later that evening, Rea showed me graffiti murals in the Mission District. San Francisco is a cultural mecca in my opinion.

The next morning Rea invited me out to join her on a surfing trip. My first time. I'm hooked.

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