Make your own electric bike


Although its a little long, its worth checking out. Anyone out there own an electric bike? We want to hear from you if you do. How do the bikes you can purchase from the store size up against those you can make yourself?

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Anonymous Gemini420 said...

I picked up a $300 US electric bike from a Super-Walmart (available online too.)

For $300 it is really great, but it is a cheap bike. Expect what you pay for.

I can go 25-30 miles with average pedaling, or 15 - 20 miles with almost no pedaling. But I am a 135 lb guy, so if you are heavier, figure less mileage.

Bottom line - this is a good starter electric-bike ... just to see if you really enjoy the them, with out spending a lot of money.


1) The usage specs are about what you will get out of a $1000+ e-bike (20 miles @ 20 MPH.)

2) Is cheap enough that you can really play with it, take it out and about, and not feel too bad if it breaks or gets stolen.


1) It is heavy (almost 90lbs) with battery.

Lighter bikes = more $$
Lighter batteries = more $$

2) Does not come with nice accessories like lights, comfy seat, bike rack, etc. Plan to spend an additional $100 on a comfy seat cover, bike rack, front & back lights.

Mon. Dec. 03, 11:46:00 a.m. PST  

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