3D campus model of Simon Fraser University


So a while back, some of my more devout readers might remember how I'd been talking about building and then posting a 3D campus model of Simon Fraser University. I had been hesitating like mad as any good geographer would because after building and then saying I would post it, I found out the model could be made more accurate. This is perhaps the worst thing to find out for a part perfectionist like myself and part geographer. Anyways months later, its come down to an art show, "Permeable Borders Cartographical Illusions" where the Burnaby Mountain Trail Map I made with Kyle Skidmore, Raffael Merola, and Brian Payne will be displayed.

Why does this relate to the model?

This was the project that started my work on the 3D campus in the first place. So the map is going on display and we are posting the campus model to coincide with the opening. Uncanny coincidence isn't it?

So to all my friends, enemies, and families come join me on March 28th at the show, or at least drop into the gallery in the next month to see what all the fuss was about.

You'll find the campus map posted to on the Google Earth Community here March 28th.

I'll be posting pictures from the gallery showing of me with big smiles and hopefully some of my team mates. Oh yeah and this posting is not only to tell you about the gallery show, and the 3D campus, but also to announce I'm starting a team to enter the 3D campus contest started by Google with a June 1st deadline. If you are an SFU student and are into learning Sketchup and photo-textured, contact me by leaving a comment. Students that already know how to use Sketchup have an advantage as well as those that know how to use photoshop and have their own camera, but really its about attitudes and values that will get you on the team. So get on it. The prize is a trip to the Googleplex to meet some wicked people.

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