Control the shape of the Earth


Every so often we get to try out some really cool web apps. For me this is definetly January's web app of the month. Heard of this through James Fee's Blog or Planet Geospatial (you can now register by email, do it, you know you want to). So if your into geography, bathimatry, geology, biology, ecology, or just ending a whole bunch of word with a "y", head on over to Terra where you can check out Landcraft.

In other news, I'm about to release a second episode of Bits n Pieces to YouTube, check out the first episode and subscribe to get informed of when the next ones are posted. Bits n Pieces(different link) is a short format video series I produce with my production company Organik Productions. Its a fairly open format, mostly documentary, and is a combination of short clips of day to day and misadventures that I go through with the other guys in the company. I'm also out to bring knowledge and information to an audience in the same format. So basically its a short format open plot documentary action adventure web series. Try and file that on a shelf in your video store... oh wait we can get movies from Apple now, forget late fees. Check it out make sure to subscribe. As a rumour, I've already made 8 episodes from the past 6 months and only released one so far.

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