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On the mention by my brother, who's traveling in South East Asia, of not having much personal content as of late, I thought I'd give a snapshot into my weekend. After working pretty solidly on the United Rugby Women's Calendar 2007(pics to come) for the past couple weeks, in my spare time and when not feeling sick, I took a weekend to check out some art around town. Dropped by the homes of D, Dustin and Nick of (ôr-gan'ik) fame and found this beauty of a pic. From their twenty first floor window, I saw these three houses right smack in the middle of about 8 high rises. They served as a juxtaposition to the frenzied pace of development in Vancouver yesterday afternoon as I stared south at the urban skyline. Yesterday, I felt like those houses, caught in the middle of things.

After grabbing this pick, me and Alfonso Arnold of Blue Lava fame took off to go to the East Side Culture Crawl. Alfonso has been asking me lately to work with him on building a webspace for his network of people, and so while snaking through the maze of a building that 1000 Parker is, we started to hash out details and discuss how things might go down. I picked up some wicked christmas cards, and saw a night table I'd like to buy from Straight Line Designs <--you want to check this out!) Alfonso thinks he and Lynne will pickup the to scale Airstream doggy house.1000 Parker was a really impressive place and I'll have to get back there to meet some of the severly talented artists that house their works there. What stood out most for me was work by sculptur David Robinson. Not just intelligent, his work struck a chord with my mathematical mind, being equal parts engineering and physics while also acheiving an artistic intrigue with his use of materials, human form and fear of height to engage an audience.

Here is one of his pieces called Binary Vision.

Vancouver has been snowed on all weekend. Had to pass upa sky vacation with Kyle but hoping to d some back country this season. Maybe get some first lines. And some pictures.


Blogger Laura aka Transglobal Lip said...

Yay. I am late reading this but glad to see it. So happy to be reading the current below the master narrative (even though I will always prefer the subcurrent, I take any current at this distance). Hope you are well. Miss you. ~L

Fri. Dec. 08, 02:14:00 p.m. PST  

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