The Future - Earth's immune system


Thinking about how the world works on an ecological level and how humans fit into such a picture, it occurs to me a few things. If Earth is considered an ecological unit, a living organism, it must react within the same rules and confines of a natural system that can be measured healthy by an active immune system. The presence of humans on Earth like any virus, cancer, or disease impact negatively the health of Earth parasitically with our continued existence and propogation. If like any natural biological system Earth has an immune system, then weather systems and environmental variations are the antibodies that fight against humans and their tax on the planet. It is therefore the case, that humanity needs to consider its actions and impacts under a completely different model.

Just as with any biological system if a virus, disease, or cancer ravages the host and destroys all functions, the host dies killing the parasite. Unless humanity decides it is in its best interest to impact Earth functions in a positive symbiotic manner, we need to consider that very soon, our long-term impact will be the destruction of natural systems that sustain Earth. With it will go the parasite, in all its endless devouring, with rot, pestilence, and disease following death just like any decaying carcass.


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