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I've just finished watching a special on rural newfoundland titled "Timestamp Fishery The Death of a Dream" broadcast on Global. It details the shift to E.I. from fisheries and the emphasis on the ability and the right for citizens to stay in their communities. The local community and the previouspremier Roger Grimes of Nova Scotia(thank you to Bryan Henry for pointing out the current premier is Rodney MacDonald) feel that government should be creating jobs in their area, to replace those that were illiminated when the fish plant shut down after a fisheries moratorium was imposed when the fish populations were reduced. If the next generation from the community had taken up fishing, it would have been 100 years of fishing in the town. A commercial cod fishery was opened up on July 3, 2006, but the son of the last fisherman from the town drawn by a higher income moved to Fort McMurray to work in the oil sands.

There is a lesson here in basic earning levels and opportunities for manual labour and sustaining rural maritime communities.

A vision of the future that creates this opportunity in such a way that does not damage environment, animal populations, and local culture needs to be established. Furthermore, such communities that can be identified in Canada meeting similar criteria for the creation of such kind of work, need be part of a grand vision for the future of this country. Where there are people willing to work in their own communities in this way, industry for developing a nation of remote locations will be vital in the maintenance of community economic development.

The type of work for these communitiies must be in harmony with the Canada we wish to build. With an emphasis on key technologies, demographic trends, and climate change a vision of evolved labour, research, and resource production can be employed as methods in creating a future that sustains harmonious balance with ecological process in the region.

If the next and future generation of Canadians are drawn to employment in the unsustainable maintenance of the petroleum industry, not only will communities see the loss of their kin in order to support unsustainable lifestyles, all citizens of Canada and Earth will be at a loss. For it is social relationships for which we work to finance, and the one commodity that cannot be produced.


Blogger Bryan Henry said...

Just so you know, the current premier of Nova Scotia is Rodney MacDonald. :)

Tue. Oct. 31, 05:38:00 a.m. PST  
Blogger STFN LRMR said...

Thanks Bryan. I checked into the issue. The person speaking was Roger Grimes.

Tue. Oct. 31, 09:50:00 a.m. PST  

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