At a bunch this weekend. Loren had his annual summer BBQ where the sangria made sure everyone was merry.

Here is Katie and Loren in a groupshot with Laura on iChat from London. Laura was the highlight of a previous year's bbq when she had too much sangria and went skinny dipping. No swimming this year but definately lots of talk about Steve's up coming video game Sin's of a Solar Empirethat has been in the works for what seems like forever (I wanna be a tester!) and cultural absurdities like Chav.

Congratulations to Graham and Stephanie who were married this Saturday at Burnaby Mountain Park by a justice of the peace and had their reception at the Diamond Club afterwards. Hopefully Loren will post some photos soon of the happy couple.

Here is a picture of John who is moving to Kingston to go to school. John is a party animal and fellow geographer who minutes after this photo was taken was tackle by his best friend in the gorilla suit. John's a trooper. We'll be going out to dinner before he leaves to send him and Catherine off properly. Good luck in Kingston, can't wait to come visit.


Blogger Laura aka Transglobal Lip said...

That is sooo funny. That picture is so weird! I look like a deer in headlights! Can you say: "I have no peripheral vision!" Still, that was pretty damn cool to attend a party by video link. How tech is that?! I wonder if one can elevate themselves in both coolness and geekness at the same time. I'm thinking you can. Send me more pictures! ;) ~L

Sun. Aug. 13, 11:36:00 p.m. PDT  

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