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I received an excited phone call this morning from Dr. Nick Hedley director of Simon Fraser University's Spatial Interface Research Lab. Nick told me how he was in today's Vancouver Sun. You can check out the article here. I really appreciated it, as I have a similar opinion of GIS and the need for greater flexibility in the role of geographers and information tools outside of standard software applications. I was even more excited by this picture as the AR model Dr. Hedley used was one that we collaborated on during my undergrad work in his lab. The model seen above includes a scaled down version of the 3D Simon Fraser University I displayed at SFU's 40th Anniversay Open House and that I am preparing to post to the Google Earth Community in the coming weeks.

With a technologically-sophisticated generation of students, "it is no longer acceptable for us to talk about traditional cartography or GIS [geographical information systems," Hedley said. "If we're training our students in a way that's sophisticated, in a fluid manner, they come out of the program with very, very powerful tools."

As a specialist in geographic visualization and spatial cognition, Hedley developed an augmented reality tool designed to give students the ability to test their hypotheses and interact with the geography they're studying in a virtual environment.
- Vancouver Sun, Aug 17th 2006

Nick has worked on some high profile projects before most recently a collaborative exhibit for the Boston Museum of Fine Arts on the Science of Star Wars currently touring the United States. If there are any students interested in this field, Dr. Hedley's classes are challenging and attract creative and talented students with a variety of backgrounds most commonly computer science, engineering and geography. I always liked his classes due to the cutting edge nature of the information and techniques being taught and being surrounded by terribly bright classmates. Here is a syllabus for one of his courses quickly growing in popularity entitled Geospatial Virtual Environments.


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Wow - these courses look fun - much more forward-looking than a lot of the stuff I see at local colleges and universities. The world is changing FAST.


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