What's the rule?


I met Steve Schnur today at SOCAN's Vancouver symposium for Film & Television that also featured Michael Giacchino and Randy Edelman, both very well known and critically acclaimed film and television composer.

The first words out of Steve's mouth were "you are the spitting image of Adrian Grenier from Entourage on HBO!"

You compare.

Not the first time I have been compared to the guy. Back in high school when the Britney Spears music video for "You Drive Me Crazy" first came out, class mates were stunned then as well at his resemblance to me. That's right. He resembles me. Unless someone is distinguished by the academy, which somehow a Britney Spears music video does not do, an actor resembles you. Its a rule I'm instituting this very moment so change all your pop culture references. Until there is an Oscar in their hands or some other form of credible recognition, an actor in a television show isn't that much different than you except their meals come from a table labeled "craft services".

So Steve, I hope you don't take this the wrong way, thanks for the complement and can you hook me up if you know of any casting calls? I had the lead role in my high school musical of Cole Porter's "Anything Goes" and I'd like to break into film acting.


Blogger Colin said...

dude you totally look like him even more in the show when hes sans beard.

Fri. Jul. 21, 12:51:00 p.m. PDT  

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