GeoWeb 2006 - Day 5, Keynote Address and Panorama


Michael Jones giving the keynote address at GeoWeb 2006 in the Morris J Wosk Centre for Dialogue, Simon Fraser University. Seen here, Michael has up on screen new Digital Globe images showing Lebanon.

The morning kicked off to an interesting start. In a room full of GIS professionals, I ended up solving a display problem with the Macbook Pro attached to the projector. Sweet. Here is a panorama for Google Earth inside the hall while Gary Lang from Autodesk was speaking. Michael opens with before and after satellite photos of Lebanon and a discussion of remote awareness and communication. Here are the major headings of his presentations, I missed some, sorry.

Google's missions is to organize the worlds information and make it universally accessible and useful

- 30,000 Developer Sites in first 12 months using Google Maps employing API
- 51,700,000 Mentions in first 12 months independent mentions of Google Map API
- 129,299 Blog Posts in first 12 months mentioning Google Maps
- 1000,000,000 installs in first 12 months (GE)
- 67cm resolution satellite photos for 30% of earth's population
- The real world built by the 100,000,000 millions of users

Google Earth/Local/Maps Mission
To geographically organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful

Understanding "Universal"
A spectrum of users personal, one user, to universal, billions of users

Expert to Expert
Expert to User
User to User

Creating the Future

Google Maps and Mobile Maps
- Indexed, organized location-related infromation
- Search tools for exploring local results
- Public version

Google Transit
- Public transit routing

Google Maps API
- Dynamic visualization of search results
- Flexible

Google Maps

Web Location Intelligence
- Business listings
- Navigation services
- Reviews and opinions
- Ratinfs and discussion

Global Resource
- International coverage
- Local knowledge

Mentioned the challenges of bringing Google Maps to the world. Language barriers, local knowledge.

The Power Tools

Carl F. Gauss in a letter to Heinrich Schumacher (1780-1850) May 15th, 1843

Google Maps API

redefines "Mapping Sites"
- Personal and commercial versions
- Smoothly interactive
- Map+Imagery
- Fun to user

Global Resource
- International coverage
- Developer API

Google Maps API for Enterprise

Google Earth

Integrated Google Search
Seamless global navigation
3D driving directions
My Places for saving searches and user annotations

Three parts
- Web Search
- Community
- Data

Google Earth Product Family

Persnoal Google Earth
- Google Earth free for personal
- Google Earth Plus adds features
- Streamed access to Earth Database

Professional Google Earth
- Google Earth Pro
- Available modules: Printing, GIS, import

Google Earth Community

Sharing Descriptions
- >560,000 members
- New post every second
- Lively, informed discussion

Sharing Services
- Serving Network Links

Google SketchUp Creates Worlds

Change in Emergency Respsonse

Change in Science Publication

Geospatial Publishing


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