War is Over


War is an antiquated term meaning a "state of armed conflict between differing nations". The contemporary meaning of the term war should be redifined to mean" armed conflict by the United States for economic purposes other than peace, democracy and global stability". What do you think the definition of war should be considering the actions of the United States over the past decade?

In an effort to bring awareness to common place words that we use perhaps without thinking of their true meanings, I have designed a series of shirts I will be releasing through my webstore for the next few weeks starting today.

This summer a visible shift in thinking is occuring as movies such as The U.S. vs. John Lennon, America: Freedom to Fascism, Road to Guantanamo, The War Tapes, An Inconveniant Truth, and even Who Killed the Electric Car are released. Help spread a message to the world about topics almost forgotten like oppression, fascism, authoritarian rule and the loss of personal freedoms to government.


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