Global Welcoming


I've been watching everyone that follows my blogging with my useful traffic map. It has been such a cool process to watch the little dots grow and see new ones appear every day. It makes me wonder sometimes how they found my little corner of the internet and what they are doing when they read here. So I came up with a fun little game. Every week I'm going to show pictures of the places where I'm getting traffic so everyone can get to know a little bit more about different countries and get in a little virtual tourism at the same time. If anyone has any suggestions of cool places to check out, flickr links or would like to have their stomping grounds be next, make sure to let me know.

This week, because I've never been there although in the grand scheme of things where have I been, we're going to check out Daegu South Korea.

I've received a bunch of visits from South Korea in the past few weeks. Could it be from here?

Or maybe here?

Perhaps somewhere in this neighborhood?

It had to have been from here. If I was looking for a blog like mine I think I'd have to live in a tall building with its own courtyard. How sweet is that?

Well that starts the first week. Welcome, welcome to Daegu South Korea! Send me some pictures.



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