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In the time that I have been writing this blog, I have developed artistically, professionally and as a person. My work has also seen an evolution and tomorrow for this first time I will have much of the academic side of it up for show. I have been performing most of my life but this weekend is different. This weekend is the big wind down of my bachelors degree at Simon Fraser University. On Saturday SFU will hold its 40th Anniversary Open House with every department and most organizations showcasing their work at kiosks across campus. With this event I will be showcasing the content that I have been creating for Google Earth for the past six months. This will include a virtual campus and tour of SFU and the newer additions of the campus. The Burnaby Mountain Map that I have been working on with Raffael Merola, Kyle Skidmore and Brian Payne will also be available for free but is limitied to 300 copies so if you are attending make sure to come see us and get one quickly. I came through last minute finding the advertisers that allowed us to print the map (small personal victory) and I'd like to personally extend my gratitude to all the UniverCity Cornerstone merchants that helped make this possible.

My past few weeks have been marked by big ups and downs. For 24 hours I was thinking one of my aerial photographs of Simon Fraser had been used in a New York Times article, however this morning I found out that wasn't the case. This was an off chance sort of thing so I wasn't too dissapointed but the experience makes me realize I'd like to make the New York Times sometime soon as a personal landmark. However a request to license some of catalogue came this friday along with the potential for the use of my Google Earth content in a television interview with Norman Hotson of Hotsen Bakker Boniface Haden Architects and Urbanists. I'm excited by the prospect.

At the end of all of my efforts towards my degree I am left with a sense of accomplishment however I am filled with feelings of need, frustration, and impatience for a new reality. I can only hope that things change in a major way, as I am growing tired of my current pace. Talking with Raffael earlier today as we drove to pick up the maps, we discussed plans for the future and how they might play out.

Soon I will convocate, make decisions, life will move on.
I am glad that I can say I am surrounded by good friends and loved ones and fame and fortune seem only a breath away.
How old fashioned.

I'll follow up with pictures tomorrow.


Anonymous bree said...

I'm glad to hear things are going so well!

Tue. Jun. 20, 11:51:00 p.m. PDT  

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