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Campbell River is a rough town with one really great night club. The Voodoo Lounge is a gem at the northern tip of Vancouver Island that is one of the best rooms I've ever mixed in. The sound was incredible, the setup was incredible. So many details were taken care of and so much care was put into designing the place, from the stage green room, to the acoustically tuned dancefloor. The gig at the Voodoo marked the end of a short but gruelling tour for (ôr-gan'ik) and I that had some really big ups, getting an in studio recording and track played on the Zone 91.3fm, and downs, having the windows smashed out of the truck in Campbell River. In all the tour could be marked a success. I am just waiting on receiving the footage that I'll be editing together into aa podcastt to launch the (ôr-gan'ik) website hopefully by this weekend.

So the tour is finished, and its back to the real world. I am looking for work in graphic design, television and music production, GIS, map making, PR, or advertising. I narrowed down what my interests were and short listed a few companies. I'm hoping to get secure work for once as the past few years of doing freelance have been very draining. While I can support myself in doing so, the constant pace is starting to show at the corner of my eyes and I have yet to have my own gallery show or book to show for it. If you know of a company looking for a multi-talented individual that can work in group baseenvironmentsts and is self-motivated please let them know I am available. I have a portfolio ready and my resume on hand. I have performed as an outspoken spokesperson for the arts particularly film and music on a municipal level and in the media, while also producing and supporting the production of culture products bCanadianan artists. I would love to put together advertising campaigns that employ multi-media and love working with people. My keen sense of timing and attention to detail blends well with an eye for design and ability to fid creative solutions for problems faced on a daily basis. My ability to write is only limited by my experience, as I have yet to write a professional grant, however I am able to learn quickly and have the ability to analyze and reconstruct literal and conceptual frameworks with a strong grasp of writing mechanics.

I am also hopeful that my work will include travel as I am much attuned to moving quickly and frequently iachievingng goals... but enough of my hopes for career. There are better things to discuss.

Best wishes to the lovely Miss Estima of the Spadina Monologues, I hope you get better and can finish your thesis on time. I have a podcast coming your way that I hope you'll find time to comment on.

Many thanks and lots of lurv to Laura Rooke for coming halfway around the world to my graduation. Hope you can get the melatonin fast enough to help you kick the insomnia. You need a blog. You know it. We all now it. Period. Get one.

And finally, congrats need to go to Colin Pearson, a friend of mine that I used to have a band with called Four Months Gone (scroll down). He won the opportunity of a lifetime opening up for Matt Good in Prince George. Colin has been doing creative writing for radio and composing music sporadically and will have an album "Torches and Pitchforks" available soon.


Blogger Christine Estima said...

oooo, a podcast . . . i'm breathless with anticipation:)

thanks for the well-wishes, i'm slowly repairing my defective circuits:)

Thu. Jun. 22, 01:54:00 p.m. PDT  
Anonymous Laura said...

Thanks for the shout out Stefan. I would rock 1/2 way around the world for you again in a heartbeat. My blogging conversion is imminent, now that I've been inspired and cruised beyond the threshold on the intimacy/perversion of public transport. Ohhhh yeahhh!

Mon. Jul. 03, 12:20:00 p.m. PDT  

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