Water Falls


Got a phone call from jm of the world famous Factory Studios in Vancouver. I'll be doing some graphics for an up and coming young band called N-7 from Duncan so watch here for the product. Known jm for a bit now and he's always got a great story to tell, but this time the story was a nail biter. He went for lunch on an average day and came back after about an hour, but on entering the control room noticed the biggest threat to electronics had infiltrated the studio, water. After a botched plumbing job in the suite above, water was pouring into the machine room destroying all sorts of gear. Thankfully, the water missed the Neve recording console (the recording console designed for Paul Martin by Rupert Neve to record the Beattles, this one in particular was used by Benny Hill) and one of the most valuable mic collections in Canada. The Factory Studios are the same studios where Metallica recorded the Black Album with Bob Rock a few decades back and has been instrumental in kick starting the careers of groups like Billy Talent. This is also the same place Organik have been recording at for the past several years. One of the best popular recording studios out there.

Be sure to check out their website The Factory Studios.com and make friends with them via myspace.

If you are a fan of new music, watch this site. jm has had his finger on the pulse of new trends and new bands since he started the place. Maybe that's why the water missed his board. Now thats an omen.


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