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Lately, I've been tied up with a bunch of different projects.
Thought I'd bring everyone up to speed. Been looking for work during the summer. So far, have contacted a bunch of small webdesign companies without much success. Have been working weekends at SkyDive Vancouver. I got involved to learn how to handle parachuting for safety reasons when taking airphotos. I'm editing video, taking photos and learning to pack parachutes.

Been also working almost everyday in the Spatial Interface Research Lab at SFU conducting experiments for a research project by Dr. Nick Hedley. Can't get into too many details as the experiment is still on-going. Enough to say its cool and will post screen caps when most testing is complete.

Last week and in the coming weeks, I've also had a bunch of my work turned into t-shirts. Silk screened and beeeuuutiful. Some of the designs are available in our webstore.

Also have been working towards completing a model of SFU. Can't show a very large model here, or say what it is for. Start the rumour mill.

Tell us what your fantasy summer job is in the comments section and win a prize (re: your own exclusive membership and posting on Graphics, Culture and bad Grammar!!!!)


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