Every now and then I'm taken by the innovation of others. Today is one of those times. Monome

After many phone calls and emails back and forth I've successfully directed a re-edit of the music video for Can I Hit You, a single to be released on Warner Music Canada and Rump Records by the band (ôr-gan'ik). I've had a long learning curve and it feels good to have completed these tasks. At the same time, the label and the band, of which I am interim manager, have been working with a radio tracker from winnipeg and things havn't been going so well. All of this work is administrative, executive and managerial and my creativity is sapped. So this morning I run across this little device for making music differently and I'm taken by how liberating it must be to be on the cusp of something brand new.

I reconsider my position.


Found this on Future Feeder who found it on pixelsumo


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