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I have busy lately to the point of not being able to read newspapers. That is a huge change as newspapers are a ritual for me.
One of the reasons this has happened has been the development of

After a lot of really late nights, the website for MD Adventure Camps in Wuhan China was finally posted late last night or early this morning depending on your timezone. I designed almost all of it except for some last details that were done by some collaborators in China. I got onto this project completely by accident when I answered an ad in the wanted section of the Peak, the SFU student newspaper, for photoshop lessons in exchange for motorbike lessons. I’ve wanted to bike for years so somehow it led to me doing web and graphic design for the startup company that one Taimur Khan was setting up. I do projects like this from time to time as I feel a connection with other young entrepreneurs and feel that we should support each others efforts, if we can, if they make money. Regardless, I liked the guy's ambition and thought it was worth a shot. I communicated with Taimur and two others from Vancouver via Skype (check it out if you hate your phone bill, free VOIP, cheeyah) starting in January to China where we collaboratively developed the content and site.

Long story short, MD Adventure Camps will have its first run this may! If you want to travel in May or August to China and learn how to ride dirt, street and see Motogp in Shanghai (like Indy but bikes) and party then get registered right away. If you do I'll even do an official Graphics, Culture and bad Grammar interview of you before during and after your trip.

So check out the site, leave your comments (as it still needs some updates) and break open the piggy bank. The camp will be the experience of a lifetime.


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