Sometimes I think about what it would be like if girls were the majority of the geeks and created most of the content and audience for the internet. Its not like I can get into any real demographics in this discussion, but its pretty safe to say the net is a male dominated space. So what if? Would ebay and online shopping become the dominant presence on the internet? would gaming shrink away to complete obscurity? would pornography be illegal?

Speculating aside, movies like these (*,*,*,*,*,*,*) wouldn't get made. So hail to the male for their current dominance of webspace and lets hope that the geeks that spend their most of their time here or in a MMORPG eventually get a date some day or at least meet a lady online that has similar interests. While the web is a strange and gender biased creation, at least it allows free speech.

Hope you sold your Google stocks.


Anonymous bree said...

Ha! Speaking as an Internet lovin' geeky girl and gamer, I take issue with your whole hypothesis!

While it's true that speaking generally, women and men use the Internet differently, I don't think it would be so very different than it is now if women dominated the Web.

It's been shown time and time again that banning content just doesn't work too well online, so your BARELY LEGALL!!!! nekkid girls are safe. There's already porn by and for women out there, but in a woman-dominated Web there might be more of it. Perhaps also more literary smut. Again speaking generally, women tend to be less stimulated by visuals alone. Perhaps we'd see some story-driven porn? Who knows.

There are also already a healthy number of female gamers. We don't all play Half Life or whatever shooter's popular today, but I know a few who've developed addictions to EverQuest. Myself, I'm into Sims 2, Civilization, Morrowind, Neverwinter Nights, that kind of thing.

As for contributing content, the mommybloggers are a powerful and popular force, read by women and men alike. Check Finslippy and Dooce if you don't know what I mean. The female bloggers seem to spend more time musing about life than, say, ranting about politics or obsessively cataloguing technology news, but there is a lot of variety among us bloggerettes.

As for other media, I don't know the hard demographic info, but Flickr is an application that seems to attract a fairly balanced number of contributors from each sex. I have no idea how many women participate in photoshopping contests or creating Flash animated movies, but many of the movies produced appeal to both sexes.

While it's probably true that it was men who made most of the content for the early Internet, there are a lot of women out there now, blogging, sharing photos, chatting, gaming, buying and selling. It may be that you're spending a lot of time experiencing the Web within your niche. If you stepped out of it maybe you'd see more of what the wild women of the Web are doing.

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Hey, nice talking to you tonight. Here's my blogger ID for ya.

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