My first billboard


Yesterday was a day I'll remember for probably the rest of my life. Whil on a mad search for blueprints of SFU, for a project that you readers will eventually get to see, I ran across archival pictures on walls of some corridors. These photos were from the early to mid sixties when SFU was just being built. It turns out that the Royal Shakespear theatre college sent four representatives to SFU for a performance and roundtable. As it turns out, these four included Ben Kingsley and Captain Jean-Luc Picard himself, Mr. Patrick Stewart. I thought no way! First of all Patrick Stewart has got to be pushing late sixties now, that photo shows him much younger but bald already so either he was bald early or the guy ages really well from all the time he has spent in space. So smiling to myself and thinking that my day of amusing coincidences was over, I went to lunch across campus.

While on my cel phone I come across a strange new type of trash bin in the middle of the square infront of the new cornestone building and to my utter amazement...
I had been placed on my first billboard/trash bin. I know its not a huge print flying high above the city, but who am I to complain. I felt really proud as this picture is the result of following through on an idea I had to sell my photography skills and make some money to support myself at school. I have received a lot of exposure because of it as previously mentioned and it has been published in several different magazines. Maybe one day this will all amount to something, n'est pas?


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congrats, thats rad.

Tue. Feb. 07, 03:51:00 p.m. PST  

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