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So its been a little over half a year since Loren and I started this blog. Since then Meharties has evolved a lot. We expanded the links and blogs we follow, expanded what we featured, and the name got changed from Meharties to Graphics, Culture and Bad Grammar. There have been some ups and some downs to doing the blog thing but mostly ups like the review we did with Chuck Anderson of NoPattern. For the record, I'd like to do a review with Christine Estima of the Spadina Monologues. Both these people helped in changing the name as the links they gave us read "Graphics, Culture, and Bad Grammar" instead of Meharties, but hey, we know a good thing when it slaps us in the face. Big thanks to them for helping to rename the site.

There have been a lot of cool comments that we've gotten about the content we feature. The graphic work, the aerial photos, and the cutting edge technology has helped bring about so many discussions with everybody we know from professors to family members and those people you need to show up at cocktail parties. I like being cheeky what can I say. Loren also is his fair share of cheeky. But last week for some reason on three different occasions people that read our blog bashed it. outright. talk about cheeky. They didn't like the technology, they didn't like the graphics, hell they didn't like the name. I understand that they were probably jealous that they couldn't operate the difficult blogger interface, or they didn't put in the countless hours everyday scouring for the perfect content to post, but hey who am i to judge. Well I am the guy they insulted directly.

So as a big thank you to the lovers and fuck you to the bashers of Graphics, Culture, and Bad Grammar we'll keep doing what we do best. I spent some extra time out of my day to find some quality links and new blogs to your web experience. I think you like these ones.

the hundreds <------- Culture, fashion, lifestyle, graphics, all good stuff
hypebeast <------- Friends of the Neptunes?
Venture blog <------- Business, read then buy stock
Meetro <------- Proximity based chatting with msn, chat to the cutie across the table, but not for mac. ugh.
Google Earth used for VW navigation <----- booyah VW


Blogger Christine Estima said...

awww, shucks:)

so what kind of "review" we talking 'bout here?

Mon. Feb. 13, 07:14:00 p.m. PST  

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