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It's been a while since I posted anything about work i'm doing at the moment, so here's a teaser. Coming down the pipe in the next few days is a website I designed for motorcycle camps being run in Wuhan China. China you say? That's right. Any of our readers that are motorcycle enthusiasts will know about Moto GP and may even know some China's top riders involved in coaching the camp. In a nutshell, the site is your ticket to ride, learn how to ride, and watch riding. Check back here soon for the official launch date, and make sure to send your comments on the site design.

MD Adventure Camps


Anonymous the girlfriend said...

hey this camp looks tres cool, and obviously you are an amazingly talented graphics artist. but I think you should have called your girlfriend back like you said you would. she's getting sad because you are developing a bad habit of not calling her back. so yeah. cool blog. by the way, you're girlfriend says she loves you to bits and there's nothing she wouldn't do for you. but you have to call her back.

Tue. Feb. 28, 12:32:00 a.m. PST  

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