Vancouver's Band... and my poster


Just finished the promo poster for the (organik)/Groundbreakers/Dj Big T show at the Media Club on January 14th. This is gonna be a great show. Went for the classic newspaper look on this one. The Media Club is like 200/250 and has a great stage with a wicked green room. I was at a new years party and talked up a lot of people about the event. I've been working for the past year with the band doing shows outta this club and every time we're there its always a riot. Packing the place is great, its all elbow room, smoke, and dancing. If you are out of town I'll say this, organik is vancouver's band, you can't miss em. The live show is incredible and its something to tell your friends about.


Anonymous katie said...

Hey, I think this page is fantastic, interesting, relevant and well-written. Except you could use aproff-reader/editor for sure...Iknow just the person for the part!

Love, a seceret admirer

Tue. Jan. 03, 01:48:00 a.m. PST  

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