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I was at SFU today to register for my last class before I graduate and a staff member stopped to congratulate me. They said they realy liked my photo. At first I was unsure about what photo was being talked about but then they mentioned it was the one I'm on my university's main website! Bronzin! @#$% yeah! The page has a random main story so you might have to reload the image a couple of times. Here is a screen capture in case it gets taken down.

The photo is second in a series I've done for the SFU Community trust to document the construction of the UniverCity a top burnaby mounta click to save as Google Earth .kml file) at Simon Fraser University.

I might be going flying with Brian Payne of this weekend, if I do there'll be some more air photos. In other words we might all get treated to a birds-eye-view of Vancouver. The only thing that's playing against us....? A historical rainfall record that weather people expect to be broken.

If you are interested in having air photos done for you or your company, I do freelance work, do not hesitate to contact me.


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