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The Quick Flick Challenge 2006

About this time for three years now, the Tripod Film Co-op puts on an annual 48 hour film festival. The Quick Flick Challenge has seen some great flicks in the past two years and if you live around Vancouver you too can take part. This event has really stood out in my community for its innovative approach to bringing film makers together and getting their work screened. The event is a true test of creativity as you must complete a short in under 2 days from the concept to the screen. In the past I've been part of acting, producing, directing, editing and soundtrack so if you are interested in any of those things its a cool place to try your hand.

Check out the website (I designed-shameless plug) for the official information. Also for anyone interested in indenpent films check out the site as there are workshops and events for networking throughout the year. The link the Tripod Film Co-op's website is also featured in our links under Film.


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