How Many Games Of Halo 2 Would It Take To Reach The Moon?


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Given a pencil and a minute's thought you could probably work it out if you like, because Bungie has posted up all sorts of goodie yum data, like the fact that back to back, 21,000 years' worth of Halo 2 has been played to date. That's 324,362,454 games. Or, as Nick points out, 21,000 years is longer than humans have been in existence. Warsome! This is the best bit: there is a real Master Chief out there. One particular player has racked up a personal total of - breathe in - 14,919 games. According to Bungie, that's 71 games a day. My eyes are bleeding at the MERE THOUGHT.(found over at g-pinions)

(Via Kotaku.)


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