ATTN: Fat Cat's with pocket change!


These people need money so they can build some of these to sell to me. My bet is this is the future, or at least that's the future that I want. No more sore wrists and lifting a mouse for better distance. This is an interface killer. Now if only Apple could build this into a laptop. They can make it portable, replace the touch pad with the touch surface and project a virtual keyboard on to it. The use of this type of hardware would be life changing in all stages of production for creative industries. Musicians and engineers, think buttons and easy tool switching and track selection for ProTools. Editors, directors and broadcasters, think FinalCut Pro keyboard layouts that are updated with each session and easy track manipulation and intuitive file browsing at your fingertips. Graphic artists, animators and visual effects designers, think fingerpainting with precision tools and navigation across any sized artboards resizing multiple items simultaneously. Tactile forced feedback response goes beyond two-dimensional navigation. This device has a future and it will make your work faster and more intuitive.

Introduction to the Tactapad
Advanced Interactions in TactaDraw


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