Knee Buster


So me and Tyler of Timeless Productions, Dustin and Nick of Rump Records fame went camping this weekend and had a mind bending time. About a year ago, Dustin and Nick and I hicked out of Buntzen Lake and went over Coquitlam Mountain finding the sweetest view point for camping and recking our kness in the process. Well, we returned to that spot and found it to be just as good as Seymour, Grouse or Cypress for the view with half the hike and people. We went without a tent, which to some, probably seems pretty stupid except most probably havn't hung out with First Nations building teepees like I have. We made it to the spot by like 6pm and had a fire going and the shelter built by 8. Good thing too, it rained the next morning. We didn't sleep much anyways so it didn't make too much of a difference. Here is a pick of the spot. You can make out Vancouver in the distance under cloud cover.


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