No shocker here


Kanye West's comments stir a different kind of fury on the current Republican administration's failures.

The republican rule over media sources such as Fox an CNN that has limited criticisms by the free press is officially over.

A judgement day for these people is coming.

I have been watching the coverage of the hurricane and feel incensed.

Considering Bush is from Texas I don't see how he couldn't have arrived on site faster, Wednesday instead of Saturday. However, the Katrina hurricane incident has underlined a very harsh reality about the credibility and honour of the current administration. Their influence has had a negative effect on the americas and world peace, that has pitted American against other nationalities while at home creating an apathy towards the plight of their own marginalized peoples. If there is a collective karma for a country, then this event is the come-uppance that has been building for decades. The natural disaster is a sadly ironic counter-point and continuation of the systemic and organized deconstruction of an aging cultural empire that found slavery socially acceptable. There could not be a more fitting loadstone to the discriminatory and exploitative social structure of the United States than lack of action by the federal government after the flooding of New Orleans. The loss of the homes and lives in the historical city of New Orleans, considered the jazz capital and a historical african-american cultural mecca is a catalyst for self-directed criticism of racist and exclusionary actions by the United States.

The long sad history of a righteous and boastful country is coming to light as a story of unacceptable illegal crimes against humanity. It has only been made worse by the theft of the American presidency by a christian and petroleum industry backed group of zealots. The past six years have put the US democratic system to shame. Religion has again taken control of a government and the church is once again controlling the state that has led to a global war of fictitious ideologies and fear. Instead of throwing away lives and money in the name of oil, the United States should be spending money on educating and aiding the underclass and marginalized peoples within their own borders.

The land of the free is a farce, the borders of this country now represent an opression of the mind and person that violates privacy, dignity and rights. There is no reason for the US to continue getting away with war mongering ideologies and actions. The future holds for the United States an unimaginable global debt and a stigma as a desctructive and ignorant culture.


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