How not to fight terrorism: Ignore warnings (e.g. ...: "How not to fight terrorism:

  • Ignore warnings (e.g. 'Bin Laden determined to strike').
  • After a major strike (9/11) and with the whole world behind you, don't go all out and capture the terrorist leadership.
  • Destabilize a regime (Iraq) that was not hospitable to the terrorists, turning it into an 'open country' where terrorists can at a minimum, find refuge.
  • Don't secure massive amounts of weaponry in the destablized country.
  • Focus on defense (security checks) instead of offense (capturing the leadership).
  • Think that an 'Ideology of Hope' (democratic Iraq) will trounce an 'Ideology of Hate' - as Condoleezza Rice did today.
At the present time Al Qaeda has limited tools at its disposal: truck bombs, conventional explosives, and suicide bombers. Even so, there is virtually no way to prevent an attack on soft targets - and there are millions of soft targets. As it stands, a defensive strategy is moderately helpful, but it's not the way to insure citizens are protected from more deadly weapons (chem, bio).

The proper thing to do is to go after the terrorist leadership and membership. That requires special ops, cloak and dagger, deals with unsavory countries, infiltration of terrorist groups, and the like. One thing for sure, a conventional and undermanned invasion of an Arab country that wasn't supporting Al Qaeda, doesn't do anything to improve the security of this country (and other countries as well).

Bush said at one point today that he was going to get the culprits. He's had almost four years, and failed to do so. It's our guess that this attack, close enough (culturally) to the U.S., will be seen as a virtual attack on the U.S. It's our view that if a second attack takes place in this country, especially with the Iraq War as a backdrop, many people will hold Bush accountable for failing to capture the Al Qaeda leadership.

That said, we acknowledge that on the right-wing radio, many callers are saying that the way to fight London bombers is to redouble our efforts in Iraq. So not everybody will blame Bush.


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